Artema is raised in the ways of her people, the Koma’i. She follows the guardian’s path instead of her mother’s healing skills. But can a young hot-head learn to control her temper and follow her people’s strict rules? What will her teacher, Armadol, do if she can’t?

Artema is an ongoing zine following the titular character’s adventures.


Rachel Cholst is a New York-based educator and activist. She also writes about alt-country and punk at her nationally-recognized blog and podcast, Adobe & Teardrops. She’d like to dedicate her first published comic to Pamela and Kyle, for giving her the push.


Angela Boyle is a freelance illustrator, editor, and designer (flyingdodopublications.com). In 2016, she graduated from the Center for Cartoon Studies. She runs the natural science comic anthology Awesome ‘Possum (itsopossum.tumblr.com).