Praise for Artema:

“Artema is a true creation of love.” — The Valkyries

“Cholst and Boyle…do a lot of nice character work with Artema.  She’s  an iconoclast who’s quick to anger. She finds it hard to accept  her  people’s law that they can never strike first or fight in anger.  She  beats up a guy who says women are inferior warriors. Boyle gives  her  great backgrounds to work against: craggy mountains, gloomy caves,  and  vast deserts. … [She has a nice sense of the dramatic when it  comes time to the battle  scenes, with several striking poses that set  the tone for what was at stake.” — Rob Clough, High-Low Comics (For Issue #1)

“It’s an intriguing start, that’s for sure. Rachel has a great grasp  of  pacing and leaving breadcrumbs to be uncovered later (who is that   painted warrior?), and Angela does some solid work letting the faces  tell the story in some otherwise silent panels. … Get that second  issue out quick!” — Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

“The art in this book made the world feel large and the territories vast,  which really made the Chengoll feel like an all encompassing force to  think they could claim it. As the book goes on we see Artema violently  battle with enemy troops but we also see some really cool environmental  visuals. It’s clear that Boyle has an understanding of emotions.  Cholst’s dialogue for Artema is brash and leads to visceral reactions  and Boyle illustrates in pace with that. I also thought that throughout  the non linear timeline Boyle was able to make the different ages feel  as varied yet connected as Cholst wrote them to be.” — Drew, For the Love of Indie

“[Boyle’s art] was like a mix between Doug and The Dark Crystal. Each character and/or race had a defining feature such as their nose, skin tone, or hairstyle. …The story is really what sold Artema to me. The lore just builds with each installment. I can’t wait until issue 3.” — Allen Lyons, Soda and Telepaths

“There is obviously a lot of skill and love going into this series by Cholst and Boyle; I congratulate them on their fantastic efforts. They’ve created a series that explores trauma, found families, and self-acceptance, and they’ve done it respectfully, creatively, and intuitively. Everyone should read Artema, and explore their own levels of self-acceptance through this wonderful piece of work.” — Lauren Boisvert, Word of the Nerd